What do you think are some of the most popular posts on our Facebook?

Ones about jobs in the countryside? Fascinating features? News headlines and important announcements?

No, it's the ones of the office dogs! 

Although the features reach a lot more people it's the dog ones that receive a greater level of response with many more likes and quite a few 'love it' hearts too.  Which just goes to show that you lot love our pets as well as your own - although we appreciate that your dog, cat, bunny, guinea pig, snake, spider or parrot is, of course, the best pet on the planet and so much better than our boring black lab office dogs. Today is the day to shower your beloved animal (or rock) with affection as it's Love your Pet day.
But if you want to do more than simply walk, cuddle and feed your pet and like the idea of working with animals, both pets and wildlife, then have a look at our Wildlife Work and Animal Care vacancies, these include wildlife projects dealing with one specific species, working with animals such as wildlife hospital workers and also animal handling e.g. zoos and aviculture. Paid posts are here and voluntary roles here.

You might not be aware that in recent years CJS has expanded the range to include animal care in addition to wildlife work.  In the last few reader surveys you've asked in increasing numbers for more animal related topics and we're happy to oblige.  We don't cover veterinary work but you'll find details of zookeeper type work and RSPCA welfare inspector vacancies in addition to conservation grazing type roles.   If you'd like to know more about these areas see our introductory pages here for animal care and here wildlife work.

So here you go - another photo of the office dogs, actually in the office this time.

l-r: Hester (with blurry waggy tail), Flora and Dido.

PS: for more doggie photos and lots of 'proper' news follow us on facebook here.