Starry, starry night

Mountain Biking at Sutton Bank Credit Steve Bell/NYMNPA
A star-filled sky is one of nature's most natural wonders but they’re become harder than ever to experience.
Luckily the UK’s National Parks remain some of the best places in the country to see stars because of the low light pollution levels and clear horizons; the North York Moors is no exception. Along with Yorkshire Dales NPA they are celebrating Dark Skies Festival – starting today and running to 1 March. The benefits of reducing light pollution are much wider than just stargazing. They include tourism, education, wildlife habitats, human health and in reduced carbon emissions. As well as having a negative impact on nightscapes there is also the nuisance element of light extending into neighbouring properties. Read about what can and is being done to make our skies darker and go out and enjoy the beautiful night sky wherever you are. 

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