More photography competition winners

The January theme was Seasons, which seemed most appropriate for a new year.  As ever we had some fabulous entries and it was lovely on a cold, damp day to be looking at your images of high summer. But it was a winter view that ended up winning this month.  This incredible photo of "Winter in the Lakes", taken on the top of Crag Hill by Sam Feaster.
Winter in the Lakes by Sam Feaster
There was 'just something about' this one that caught every one's eye.  The person silhouetted on the edge of the plateau gives the image perspective whilst the billowing cloud in the valley below gives it an otherworldly feel.  Capturing the glittering, coldness of snow, especially in bright sunshine without flattening or bleaching the photo takes practice and Sam's managed this and kept the blue, high pressure, winter's sky.

Once again it was an impossible decision and this shot by Adrian Button of the waves battering Seaham Lighthouse in the early spring gales would have been our winner this month but we felt that it wasn't quite as sharp Sam's Lakes photo. Katie said, "The slight fuzziness does enhance the ferociousness of the storm".  We all agreed it was a highly evocative image, and almost (but not quite) our clear winner so we've given second place and a runner's up prize to Adrian.   Full size image is on our website.
Storm Warning by Adrian Button