Mammals Matter!

Cute, cuddly, prickly, flying or wet we have a fondness for our mammals, from today until next Sunday 27 October the Mammal Society is celebrating our furry friends with Mammal Week.   

This year they're reminding everyone that Mammals Matter, sadly the Society’s 2018 Review of the Population and Conservation Status of British Mammals found that 1 in 5 wild land mammals are at risk of extinction. From this review they have created the UK’s first Red List, which features some of our most iconic species such as, wildcats, red squirrels, water voles, hedgehogs, and barbastelle bats.  Throughout the week they'll be highlighting the plight of one of these at-risk species.
But it's not all gloomy -  there are  several competitions with lots of lovely prizes on offer, a couple are already open for entries:
The first big competition is a Design a T-shirt Competition open to school age children, 4-11 and 12-18 years old
There's also a bundle of goodies up for grabs, in the Walk This Water Way Competition where all you need to do is complete an nice easy citizen science survey.