Why is the sky blue? Why are leaves green? Would a T Rex eat a Stegosaurus? Why do ducks quack?

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Today is Ask a Stupid Question day - someone once said there are no stupid questions although there can be dumb answers and questions that have already been answered (repeatedly) but it is surely better to ask and look silly for a minute or two than to remain in ignorance and perhaps be a lifelong fool?

CJS has been running since 1994 and over the years we've answered LOTS of questions, some that might seem a little silly, others that are thought provoking and some that require significant research to answer and resulted in feature articles in CJS Focus or the In Depth section.  Over the years we've accumulated a lot of knowledge and useful contacts which we're very happy to share with our readers.  If you've got a countryside query and don't know where to turn then ask us, we might not have the answer immediately to hand but chances are we will know who to ask or where to find the solution.  We call this AskCJS - it is the place to ask those tricky questions about how to get a job in the countryside, what to do when you want to move on, which qualifications you should add to your CV, which professional organisation is the right one for you, where you can volunteer in your spare time... You ask it and we'll do our best to answer it!

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In reply to our stupid questions headline:
1. because molecules in the air scatter light and the blue wavelength is scattered most making it the most prevalent, widespread colour so that's why see blue skies.
2. plant chloroplasts absorb all the red and blue light during photosynthesis leaving the green to be reflected for us to see.
3. no, because Tyrannosaurus lived in a different era from the Stegosaurus; in fact a T Rex is closer in time to humans, (67-65 million years ago) than to a Stegosaurus (150-155 million years ago)
4. for communication: different pitch and volume mean different things to other ducks - no, I don't know what those are, I don't eavesdrop on other duck's people's conversations!