International Day of Charity

Think of a countryside organisation.
Got one?
OK, chances are that whether it's big (RSPB, National Trust) or small (local friends of group) it's a charity. According to the Charity Commission that is an organisation that is not profit making, not political and is run for one of 13 defined charitable purposes: the advancement of education, of animal welfare, of environmental protection or improvement are the most relevant purposes for most of 'our' charities.   Without all these charities our much loved countryside and its wildlife would, no doubt, look very different.  On today's International Day of Charity take a moment to consider all the charitable organisations keeping our countryside green and pleasant and perhaps think about how you can give them a helping hand.  The UN established InternationalDay of Charity with the "objective of sensitizing and mobilizing people, NGOs, and stakeholders all around the world to help others through volunteer and philanthropic activities".

In the countryside it's volunteers giving their time and effort, sharing their love for our wonderful landscape with other people either directly through speaking at events, recruiting new members or more volunteers or putting in the hard hours carrying out practical countryside management tasks - doing whatever is needed or what is available in their area, from surveying butterflies in the brilliant sunshine to slogging away digging out ditches all through the cold wet winter months.
If you'd like to join them have a browse through our Volunteers section to find out what help is needed and where, not all needs are advertised so have a look at organisations in your area as well and contact them to offer your services in whatever form it may be. Start here with the most recent additions.

Here at CJS we believe in helping our countryside and all who work in and for its benefit as much as we can; by keeping our costs as low as possible for everyone, for both readers and organisations, and giving away as much as we can from free ads to the vast amount of information on the website all to: "promote countryside careers in the UK & environmental conservation worldwide " - it's even on the home page.
As part of the promotion every autumn we chose a charity to be featured over the coming year, giving them the chance to promote their work and highlight their cause to readers.  This year it's been the Canal and River Trust, read all about them and their articles on our featured charities pages.  If your organisation would like to be our featured charity in 2020 please contact us to find out what's involved and what CJS can offer you. Readers you may nominate your chosen charity as well, we do have a short list in mind but are always open to suggestions. Email suggestions and requests to Kerryn on