London IS a National Park City

Anyone who takes part, from sowing a seed to street-wide greening events, becomes a National Park City Maker © Friends of the Earth’s 10X Greener campaign
What is a National Park City? It is a vision, a movement and a place where individuals commit to making it better, cleaner and wilder. In the process, they boost biodiversity and improve not only their own health by being more active outdoors, but bring benefits for all with cleaner air, cleaner water and improved resilience against heat and heavy downpours. London is now the world’s first National Park City - the idea started and continues as a grassroots driven initiative. The gains are so obvious and so important it has won support from developers, planners, insurers, artists, museums, councils and health agencies.
There are plenty of cities queueing up to be the second and the aim is to confirm 25 National Park Cities by 2025.
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