It's show day!

Today is Egton Show day, and for the first time in a while the office is open.   

Katie is from Pickering and goes to the Ryedale and Malton shows instead and as I have some rather problematic knees at the moment walking around the lumpy bumpy, uphill, down-dale show field is not really an option this year.  So here we are bringing CJS to you for an extra day - everyone else is off gazing at goats (Tracey), eating hot dogs and candy floss (Carla and daughter) and watching with fingers crossed as pigeons and poultry are judged (Amy).

Agricultural shows (and game fairs, country shows and of course the BirdFair) are happening up and down the country all over the summer providing an excellent opportunity for both national organisations and local conservation groups to meet the 'locals' and visitors, build new relationships and networks, introduce their goals, perhaps recruit a new Friend or volunteer and of course raise some much needed funds. Our 'home' national park, like many others, has a large caravan, trailer which goes to most of the shows with a display of what the Park is and does for people who have little interaction with the Park, are visiting or live outside the Park so are not affected by the tighter rules and regulations like those lucky enough to be within the boundaries.  These more restrictive regulations can cause tensions so a local show is also a chance for rangers and staff to meet the land owners and managers,  everyone from the local shepherd to large estate managers, in more cordial surroundings than an angry phone call or regulatory check site visit - all helping to make the next conversation a little more friendly.

On the surface Agricultural Shows may be about prize winning heifers, fabulous ferrets and getting a new log basket from the willow weaver who's always at the end of lane four but there's a lot going on under the surface!