Time for a facelift.

Having (almost) finished the CV listing site countryside-careers.com we're in the process of drawing up a brief for our web designer to overhaul the CJS site (clean pages, more pictures, simplified navigation, drop unused pages etc…..) and we'd like your suggestions. We've quite a few from last year's survey but we're always open to ideas. So if there's something that really bugs you or maybe there's something you really like please let us know and we'll add your thoughts to ours. We've got a few new features up our sleeves too but again suggestions please. Email us your ideas and feedback.
UPDATE: The web designer has decided that instead of the facelift we were planning he thinks we should upgrade EVERYTHING! so it will take a bit longer than we initially planned for but it does mean that, within reason, anything is possible - so let your imagination run riot! Email your ideas to Kerryn@countryside-jobs.com