What did your day's garden meditation, relaxing and soul-searching uncover?

Whatever it was today's the day to put those discoveries into action, it's Renewal Day. A day for looking at life anew, starting up things that you’ve been meaning to do for a while, a day all about reinvigorating yourself, refreshing your life and taking a look at things with a new zest and spark.
So perhaps your enlightenment has led you to consider a different career, to take a different tack or explore a different area of your current job? And now you're wanting some advice or pointers. If you're considering a change of job then look at the different sectors here
If you're taking a sideways step or refreshing some forgotten skills then perhaps a short course might be in order, have a look at those here; maybe you've decided to take up a crafty hobby, then these courses might give you some ideas or provide the instruction needed to start willow weaving, carving, felting or even making your own roman sword! Get crafty here.