Any good with a camera? Have a phone filled with photos?

According to Polaroid May is National Photography Month so what better time to dig back through the archives and all those memories.  

The Chelsea Flower show photo (3 May post) is one of mine and browsing through my albums for a good garden image there were so many memories that came flooding back: from the amazement at the detail involved in the gardens, to the incredible sandwiches (and prices!) for lunch and how grateful I was I went prepared with walking boots!  Like many people my photos are mostly stored on computer and although I have all the details, where, where the photo was taken, which camera, which lens, etc…. the meta data on each image are pretty comprehensive but the one thing the digital files don't record is the name of the garden.  Fortunately my mum is of the old school and has put every photo into albums since my dad gave her her first camera as a Christmas present so we have a 50+ year archive, my Chelsea photos had been printed out and patiently glued into scrapbooks along with captions which kindly told me that this lovely garden is the Cardogan Estate garden.   I love taking photos and should I ever be castaway on a Desert Island with my 8 discs my luxury would be my camera and laptop with the photo software.
If like me your luxury might be your camera and you have a computer full of pictures have a look through your files and whilst reminiscing see if you've got any potentially prize winning images, the British Wildlife Photography Awards close on 8 June this year so there's still time to submit entries, more here, remember CJS sponsors the botanical Britain category (so I can't enter 🙁).  If you think your camera skills could do with a brush up have a look for a course in your area.