Little green job

This particular LGJ is flitting about the garden, making itself at home in the deciduous hedge, the mixed shrubbery, up and down the huge Christmas tree, rootling around the herb bed and bobbing in and out of the bug tubs of annuals - pretty much everywhere except on the feeding stations or conveniently in front of any windows for anything longer than ten seconds.  I suppose it makes a change from a little brown job, (OK, it's slightly brownish so shall we call it a little khaki job?).  What is it? That's the million dollar question, I've narrowed it down to a chiff-chaff, a garden warbler or a willow warbler.  We hear all of them so that doesn't help, as outlined above it's not showing any habitat preference and as it won't still still long enough to get a decent look or even better a photo we're still none the wiser and every time I think I've decided next time it looks different - so maybe we have all three!  - and until it's positively ID'd it's a wonderful excuse for gazing out of the windows.
Also seen buzzing across the garden this week was a large green dragonfly, so far just one fly through but we're ever hopeful of more; the butterflies have been busy too, feasting on the globe thistles lots of huge peacocks and over the last few days some red admirals too and yesterday evening a large yellow underwing moth was also spotted.

HB is back in the office this week, recovering from the trials and tribulations of the village show which was by all accounts a wonderful day, warm and sunny with a gentle breeze stopping it from becoming too hot, number of entries was up slightly as well. However, Mr W has his eyes on greater prizes in the form of the heaviest marrow competition at the Harrogate Autumn show but in preparing his entries for the village show he realized he's made a "School boy error" - he forgot his thermals!! Not really being au fait with the world of giant vegetables I have no idea why a marrow would need to wear thermals but apparently it keeps it young and stops it ripening too quickly.  AW says it's already huge and would make enough marrow soup to keep them all fed for several months. The show is not until mid-September so watch out for updates on the marrow.

Despite the many distractions the latest edition of CJS Weekly is printing and digital editions are live, 19 pages this week including the Training Calendar for October, 50 adverts for paid posts plus 6 for volunteers. Watch out for a new section next week!

Next Wednesday is the Egton Show, our local agricultural show and as usual everyone wants to go, which means we'll be short handed and consequently on shorter than usual hours for one day only, thanks for your patience.