It's been one of those weeks where something inconsequential sets The Team off on a weird train of thought. We've covered car washing, assorted sports, food waste, camping, flag poles, fixing the health service and taking the education system back to square one.
But yesterday it was sandwiches, we started with jam sandwiches, raspberry jam with so much butter it squishes in with the jam and it's got to be on plastic white bread - perfect to have in your pocket when pausing for the mid-morning break in your bird count and realising that it's actually only 6am! (yes, you know the one) which then led onto do you butter the bread for syrup sandwiches?  And have you tried syrup and coconut? However, I am yet to convince anyone that the best banana sandwiches include crushed salt and vinegar crisps but we all agree that the best chip butties have so much butter it drips off your elbow.
Today's topics have been hippopotami, rhinoceros translocation by helicopter and worms (see the previous blog).
In nature news the bats have been back and according to the detector we had a noctule (at 25kHz) and a pipistrelle at the top of their range at 50 kHz.  We've also received reports of several village ponds croaking with a second round of amphibian mating.  The cuckoos have been quiet this week; although, we have heard more individuals this year than for a while and there have even been a couple of calling battles across the valley.
The latest Weekly edition has gone to print, digital versions will be available shortly.  This week there are 16 pages with 42 adverts for paid posts, 28 direct to CJS also details of 13 voluntary opportunities, the usual news and this week an update on the surveys, fieldwork and citizen science projects added to the online pages during May.