Bring your dog to work day

Was actually last Friday, and you may have noticed we didn't quite get round to posting anything on the blog, we were battling with some new software and by the time it started behaving the day was gone and with it the opportunity to post some news.  Note to self, don't even try to deal with new hardware, new software, new methodologies, new anything really on a Friday, save it for Monday when it can flow out across the rest of the week.

Anyway, back to dogs.
We have office dogs, they're mentioned often so you probably know, they're resident and join us in the office most days.  And even try to help out, the pups are particularly helpful.....
Dido supervising a website backup
Hester assisting with dispatch of the Weekly edition

Hebe knows all about reattaching wires to boxes on the floor (mending the office intranet cables) and if ever the big printer breaks down she'll know exactly how to mend it - if only her paws could deal with screwdrivers and the cleaning fluid didn't make her sneeze.
We still have a box in the office to store thimblettes (those rubber fingers that help with counting paper) with a label reminding you "to count your fingers" and to "remember wolfhounds", the first office hound Cara was adept at swiping them from under your nose. (read more here).

Although sometimes they can be a little over enthusiastic:
Dido's attempt at dispatching the Weekly - Hester is NOT impressed.
Despite their occasional over-enthusiasm  they can be genuinely helpful too - no need of a doorbell with a canine early warning system and in times of stress like last week's software shenanigans there's nothing quite like a quick a labra-hug to ease the tension.

For more about our office dogs and those of the team check out the Dogs tag 

The labs and their Bean (person) will be absent next week, we're off to virtual Wimbledon, ensconced in front of the TV and hooked up to the internet to focus on the yellow fuzzy balls with maybe a bit of gardening / cooking / drawing / painting thrown in to break up the routine.

The latest weekly edition is on route (almost, once Dido gets off the table!) this week there are 20 pages with  67 adverts for paid posts, 9 for volunteers, details of work days and conservation tasks happening next month and lots of news.

And in other exciting news we've finally got our link shortening to work and integrated with other programmes so instead of addresses you now see  (a bit longer but more personal).