Spring time

Sunshine although not that warm there's still a nip to the wind and we've had some hard overnight frosts this past week.  The gunnera poked a leaf or two out of his winter fleece and they promptly got frost burnt!  The rest can stay snug under the straw and fleece for a few more days. Last weekend the first swallow as sighted at AW's father-in-law's farm swooping around the yard.  We've not seen any yet are keeping our eyes peeled.  the curlew are looking settled in the field and mobbed a passing kestrel on Tuesday evening.  A less welcome arrival was the first chiff-chaff which I heard for the first time last week, for such a small indistinct little bird they have the most annoying call and are now driving me crackers every time I set foot outside - they're free to any home if anyone wants them!  A most unusual sighting was that of a red and blue macaw on the road to Pickering on Tuesday morning, we're assuming it had been let out for exercise or was an escapee, the vets hadn't heard of anyone missing one but took details to pass on if required.
AW's had an 'exciting' week, her older collie has epilepsy and had a series of fits over last weekend, lots of tranquilizers later and he seems to be OK but is still under close observation by a very watchful owner.  He's most definitely not allowed up to the farm where lambing has started and they have lots of 'pet' lambs, seven at last count and they're only from the half-breds, the moor sheep are due to start any day.  TB is expecting the equine dentist to call this weekend, a necessary but unwelcome experience; morgan horse Monet hates having his teeth done, in previous years it's had to be under veterinary sedation and that's before you even think about the trials of getting Titan under cover - never mind into a stable.
Yes, we do know it's Good Friday and a Bank Holiday but your CJS Weekly doesn't produce itself.  This week it's another long one with 24 pages including the June Training Calendar, there are 60 adverts for jobs, 40 of which came direct to CJS plus a further 16 for voluntary posts.
We'll be around on Monday too, using the not busy time to carry on with preparations for the impending IT 'upgrade'.  There are job adverts being posted today and Monday but no news updates again until Tuesday.