New and Improved

The three words that evoke an unmistakeable sinking feeling!
Our webhosts are moving our webserver (that's the website, email system and everything) to new and improved hardware with new and improved software - gulp.
Our mail servers are being moved on Sunday, we have been warned that this may cause some disruption whilst the move is ongoing. The following weekend the website is being moved to new hardware and new software. We are aware that the new software will impact certain website functions and we have been working to put new systems in place but until the site has actually moved we do not know exactly how the new systems will function - which could be 'interesting' (the chocolate biscuits are on stand-by).
All this upheaval means that's there's every possibility that things may stop working - of course we're thinking positive and are assuming (lie) that it will all go seamlessly. However, if your email goes unanswered please use our backup email accounts, is the main one. And if the website evaporates I'm certain we will be beavering away to get it back online as soon as we're able, but please email the googlemail account just in case. We'll post any news on our twitter steams @CountrysideNews and @CountrysideJobs and also on our blog (here), which we think should be unaffected (it's hosted elsewhere), so please check these before contacting us.