And through the fog they came

As if they were Christian souls (it was Easter) 
We hailed them in Summer's name
(with apologies to Coleridge).

We had a lovely warm, sunny Easter weekend, but on Monday a heavy fog bank
rolled down the hill off the moor and enveloped the village, although it lifted briefly Tuesday it has lingered around all week and now it is raining heavily.  Out of the heavy mist on Tuesday the first pair of swallows swooped across the field in front of the office and also on the same day a little house martin head was seen peering out of the nests on the back of the house, it dropped out of the nest also heading across the field.  He (we assume he's a him - being the first to return) has been back a few times so with luck we'll have at least one nestful of martins this year.
The sun over the weekend has brought the blackthorn blossom out and the damp mizzle, fog and overnight heavy rain has also prompted the larch needle buds to break.

The field is also greening up and the grass growing but up above the moor remains brown. 

When the weather is foul and everyone is busy in the office how do you occupy two bored nearly year old labradors?  Give them a box to play with of course, although you may live to regret this when it comes to clearing up....
It's been an odd week in the office, it started slowly but by Thursday it began to get busy and Helen has dealt with more phone calls in two days than we have over the past two weeks; it seems that the Easter lull is over.  However, the odd work patterns have created an unusual Weekly edition for you with only two pages of news, but it does have the Work Days and Conservation Tasks for May plus the first 2014 list of the regular and occasional events meaning that the calendar alone runs to 12 pages; the full edition is 23 pages long with 38 new paid posts and 13 for volunteers.