It's another glorious day

Blue skies, warm sunshine and the biting viciously cold wind has died down.  The woodstove stayed in last night so it was rekindled this morning instead of a relight this afternoon (as has been usual practice for the last couple of weeks) all meaning it's a little warm in the office!  So much so that the windows have been opened to let the gentle spring air in - or least they were until the wind gained in strength again.  We're hoping for more nice weather as the decorator contracted to paint the outside frames and casements of the office windows has said he's planning to start next week or the week after - it had better be warm on the days they have to be open!
We have some good news too, a hedgehog has taken up residence in HB's brother's garden, we think it may be the same one she spotted last autumn.  After several hedgehog free years we're delighted and hope that it may bring a friend or two (or maybe family). The merlin has not made her way up to see us yet but has been back to her favourite perch.
In the office it's been a busy week, TB is away until the middle of next week so her work load has been shared out keeping everyone quiet producing another large CJS Weekly, 22 pages with 52 ads for paid posts and 9 for volunteers and this week also has the Training Directory for May.