A little ray of purple

This barrel of  flowering crocuses is just outside the CJS office windows, it gives us a lift to see them so bright in the spring sunshine, almost glowing. 
It's been a little busy here, HB still has the flu ("if you're no better in a week come back and see us" say the doctors, that'll be three weeks) and today TB is moving house so we're a little short handed - hence a very short blog post.  However, there is good news on the horizon for us it's that the building work is finally finished; for postal subscribers it's that we will be able to absorb the latest increase in postage rates so no subscription increase this time around.

Thank crunchie it's Friday, and your CJS Weekly is (almost) done.  Postal copies are now being printed, digital ones are being prepared and emails will be sent soon. It's quite large - 22 pages including lots of news, 64 adverts for paid posts and another 20 for volunteers.