all hallows, all saints and and all souls

Saint Jude blew himself out and I think we all got off pretty lightly considering what was forecast and no mention was made of his compatriot Simon, must have been hiding in the coat tails.
Which leads to the souls, a garden full of birds. Blown in by the wet, miserable weather which has come as a bit of a shock after the very warm autumn we've been having.  the feeding station is constantly busy but the first visitors ever morning are a pair of tree sparrows, closely followed by a hoard of gold finches - yes, I know it should be a charm but their behaviour is not charming at all, more like that of a ravening mob!  We're including two of TB's horses, Titan and Robbie, in our souls group.  They have made the journey from summer pasture to winter quarters safely unlike last year when Titian had quite the adventure (read all about it here); these two have to be walked between grazing as Titian refuses to get in a horsebox (or stable come to that) and Robbie is so naughty he once nearly climbed out half way!
And last All Hallows - I suppose spiders count as a hallowe'en beastie.  We have proof positive that conkers will not protect you from spiders:

Here's a lovely little stripey legged 'sid' who has spun a web over the top of the conkers strategically placed on a windowsill and it's been there log enough to catch him some dinner!

It's been half term this week which means no HB in the office, AW has been acting as sub-ed this week and has got the Weekly off to print in good time, digital editions will follow.  This week there are 12 pages, the second notice about the impending subscription rate change plus 35 ads, five of them for volunteers.

The surveys close today, many thanks to everyone who has taken the time to reply.  We'll look at your responses and in a few weeks when we've had time to digest your thoughts we'll let you know what's staying, what's going (if anything) and what new features to look for.  We'll do the draw for the 'rewards' next week too.