A week of mixed fortunes

Over the weekend the last three of TBs horses moved from summer pasture to winter grazing, they all travelled by box successfully and with a minimum of fuss (if we ignore the leaving of stable keys up at the field!).  They were happy to be reunited.  The stable population increased by two with the arrival of two golden guernsey goat kids who are sweet little things and are gradually getting used to their new home.  Everything was looking wonderful, happy and settled but then naughty little pony Robbie developed colic and unfortunately he didn't make it, being put to sleep on Tuesday morning.  So the lovely golden glow has gone.
AW is off on family adventures over the weekend making full use of all the facilities Centre Parcs have to offer particularly those child exhausting ones!  Leaving HB not only to sub-edit but also put online this week's CJS Weekly edition.  We're scrambling to finish everything before home time - if only people would stop emailing and phoning!
However, Monday's edition is just about ready to post, is online and emails have been sent. This week there are 14 pages with 33 adverts for paid posts plus a further 10 for voluntary ones.  Also plenty of news and the Training Calendar for January 2014. And as if that's not enough news of developments following your surveys and the final reminder that subs rates change next week - phew!