Summer swansong

Not literally, we don't have swans, mores the pity.
But with the nights drawing in, I'm needing a torch to check on the puppies when they're out for the last puddle before bed, a flurry of shows over the next few weeks and a distinct change in the air it does feel that autumn is just waiting in the wings.  We do still have some swifts but not as many, there were around 20 swooping and screaming around last month but this morning there were just five. This week we have refilled the bird feeders.  After junking the fourth lot of rotten seed at the end of June I left the feeders out but empty although the water tray was much visited particularly in the scorching heat last month.  Earlier this week though a great tit family came to inspect the feeders followed soon after by a robin, a tree sparrow and a couple of blackbirds.  My cue to refill with various seed mixes but not the fat based food yet; since then there's been an almost constant stream of avian visitors, three blue tit families (I love the faded boil washed fledglings!) the great tits and a few coal tits too, all the sparrows and plenty of finches: green, gold and chaffinches, plus lots of blackbirds and a very annoying woodpigeon family who seem intent on knocking over the pole and dislodging the feeders.
It's been an unusual week, HB has been away preparing for tomorrow's Flower and Vegetable Show, TB went on her replacement WI day trip on Tuesday and today is at hospital seeing her consultant getting her mended but previously broken elbow checked (and maybe signed off) and the newest team members are delightfully distracting but still not exactly helpful, although they are very good with defunct paperwork leaving a mountain of slightly soggy confetti scattered across the floor. Fortunately it's not been frantically busy, just steady so I think we've made it - just about.  The latest edition of CJS Weekly has gone to press and digital editions are (almost) live, this week there are 14 pages with 42 adverts for paid posts plus 4 for volunteers.