Strange week

It's been very odd.
Last Friday just as the Weekly edition went to print the big printer stopped with a big 'clunk' and the information panel flashed a big red spanner at us. No amount of turning it off and back on again, or (under instruction) button pressing would send the spanner back to the toolbox, apparently that meant an engineer was needed to 'unclunk' it.  So there were were on a Friday and no printed copies... the smaller 'office' laser printers were pushed into service and started churning out the Weekly edition, it created a distinct feeling of nostalgia as we kept taking stacks of paper off the tops of printers which kept up a steady, "chudda-da-chunk" rhythmic thrum until the last copy was done.  The engineer arrived on Monday and the error code with the message didn't correspond to the broken bit at all but he did find a broken wire and piece of plastic, once those were replace the machinery whirred into life and starting printing Friday's mountain again!  The stop button was hastily slammed and the cogs stopped turning. 
Tuesday was even more peculiar when the electricity disappeared without warning at 7am.  Powergrid gave us various reconnection times none of which came to pass until finally at just after midnight, but before the eighteen hour compensation threshold, the lights came back on.  As usual the men who found the fault couldn't mend it and the men who could mend it couldn't dig the holes required, and after all that the men who dug the holes couldn't fill them back in!  The hole fillers have been today and duly filled in the holes, but surprise, surprise, they can't take away the spoil, oh no that's another set of men. So now there is a large heap of rubble, turf and soil surrounded by barriers, but at least the lights are on and the holes are filled in.
Wednesday was a day of respite for everyone with a day off at the Egton Show - and very good it was too despite the lack of Golden Guernsey Goats, the only reason TB was going!
Thursday and Friday are sort of back to normal, whatever that may be...
There is one small problem looming on the horizon, today we discovered that the office server is nearly full.  Now we're pretty certain we've not generated 400+gb of data but have a niggling feeling that our friendly-but-very-annoying IT gremlins may have set up an elephant breeding plan.
Assuming the elephant gremlins don't take over we'll be here on Monday, maybe for not as long as usual and perhaps not a full complement but here nonetheless with jobs, news (if there is any) and all the usual information.
In the mean time Monday's Weekly has gone to press, and today the printer is still rolling, there are 15 pages including the list of work days and conservation tasks happening during September. This week there are 28 adverts for paid posts, 15 for volunteers and details of a conservation holiday in Malta.  AW is on holiday this week so the digital editions may be a little later than usual but will be online and emailed before long.
Enjoy your Bank Holiday and fingers crossed the deluges hold off.