Small problem

The main CJS office has no power!  Apaprently there is a fault in one of the empty properties further down the lane, Northern PowerGrid are looking to isolate the fault and repair / replace the damaged cable.  It was going to be fixed by 11am, then by lunchtime and now we just don't know.  Fortunately most of our main operations are online and we are able to continue from various offices and laptops scattered across the valley - but it does mean that we're not quite as up to speed as usual and certain things are beyond us, no News today for eaxmple.  One major problem is that there are no office phones either so please email us instead,
The office should be closed tomorrow, for the Show, but if the power is restored and we're way behind someone (me probably!) will be in to catch up.
When we have any news we'll let you know how things are progressing.
Thanks for your patience.