Spring lambs

The pitter-patter of tiny hooves was heard up at Green End this week as AW's ewe dropped triplets - yes three - lambs.  Unsurprisingly she's rejected one which has now joined the pet lambs in the farmhouse kitchen  - at least for now whilst AW and two small W's work on daddy and it moves down to their kitchen!
Fortunately from AW's point of view, both Blossom and her ewe lamb from last year are both now back in the big flock on the farm rather than on their small holding.  Although Blossom knows their voices and being a greedy beast attempts to climb the field wall shouting her head off, demanding bucket feeding whenever she hears them out and about putting chickens away or working in the garden.

It has been murky here all week and today it's thick fog, we can hardly see across the field.  However, believe it or not, the rain forecast for the weekend will actually be welcome, the gardens are very dry on top, still soggy a spit or more down but the fine, thin moorland soil has dried out very quickly and is now blowing around; what with the cold and now the dry conditions even the weeds are struggling to germinate.  Incredibly we still have snowdrops in full flower in the garden, the crocuses are coming along nicely but the daffodils are still small and in tight buds, the trees are showing no sign of leaf bud yet.

So with that kind of weather outside it's been not too bad to be stuck in the office producing the latest edition of CJS Weekly which has just gone to print.  There are 18 pages this week include the Training Calendar for June, 51 adverts 21 for volunteers and all except three came direct to CJS.