At last

Signs of spring and in glorious sunshine, although bitterly cold, this lovely crocus was spotted on Wednesday nestled under a still bare branched hedge.  Tuesday was the first day since the beginning of March when it didn't actually snow, no we couldn't really believe it either.  The lapwing have departed but every evening there's a flyby of gulls on their way back to Whitby from a day inland and the various thrushes are still picking across the field; on our evening constitutionals office dog Hebe and I keep hearing curlew keening across the moors and fields.
It's been a quiet week in the post Easter Bank Holiday lull but it's picking up again today.
HB has taken her well deserved week off from the office but not apparently from work, PCC minutes, Show Schedule and Parish Council too (she likes to keep busy!!) not to mention the usual house clearance.  TB is seeing the surgeon today about her elbow and is hoping to be signed off to drive and to start some physio, we've got our fingers crossed for her.
It's only a little Weekly this week, 11 pages with 38 adverts for paid posts, 25 of which came direct to CJS plus 10 for volunteers and we have transferred adverts for posts still available from February's Focus on Volunteers into the Existing Opportunities and they we will be on the main Volunteers page soon too.