Lambs, horses and emails

If you've emailed us at any point over the last month you'll have noticed that we've been trialling a new email management system. Increasingly over the last year we've found that although vital to day to day operations email can be an annoyance, when you're working on a project or dealing with various tasks to have to have to keep breaking off to check, respond and reply to every email as it arrives interrupts the flow and distracts from the task in hand.  Thus, along with some other companies we've instigated a new email policy; the email inbox is checked hourly and all correspondence is dealt with in one fell swoop, there is an autoresponder which lets emailers know and gives them the option of calling us if it's more urgent.  For the CJS Team it took a little getting used to, the urge to keep checking the inbox took a while to simmer down but now we find that it's working well and we're generally more productive.

The Green End lambs have arrived and have taken up residence in their own specially constructed enclosure, they have been officially named Rosie and FiFi (well, that's kids for you) and are now beginning to recognise people as food deliverers consequently they are starting to blare every time they see someone.  Which is causing their pet, a non-working sheepdog, Bill, some problems and he is rounding himself up to distraction!  Fluffy little sheep have to watched at all times.  Which means that the lambs may have to move out of the garden and up the road to The Garth and may have the added bonus of quietening them down a little.

And it must be spring because the big horse move is taking place this weekend.  Three of TBs equines are being boxed from their winter stables to summer grazing at Green End.  Old boy Titan is staying at home this year to continue to enjoy the home comforts of shelter and stabling which means that the naughty little pony Robbie has stay too to keep him company.  So we have our fingers crossed for smooth event free journeys and that the weather holds too.

A 21 page edition of CJS Weekly has gone to press with adverts for 31 paid posts and 15 for volunteers plus lots of news and this week's edition has the Work Days and Conservation Tasks happening during May as well details of all those occurring on a regular basis.  If you access online copies as part of a group access subscription please remember that your password has changed this week, if you've not received your new password yet please contact your group administrator who will be able to supply you with the new details.  Details for individual subscribers have not changed and your password remains your CJS number.