A technicolour world again

So far (whisper it quietly) we've kept our electricity and everything is still in glorious technicolour, what a joy to press a switch and the lights come on! - small things... 
Even better news is that a a generator was delivered to  AW's dad's farm followed by new poles and mains electricity was restored by Sunday.
It seems that the first part of our IT upgrade went smoothly and the website is  being found by everyone without too many delays, although Friday's blog post didn't appear until Saturday.  Next phase will be the email transfer, this is slightly more complex from our point of view but you shouldn't notice the change.  We'll let you know when it's going ahead and what to do if you do encounter problems contacting us.
In the midst of the black out and ensuing chaos we missed Senior Office Dog Maia's 12th birthday, it was on Friday.  She got her present on Saturday so she's got one less day to wait for the next birthday!  Here she is in her birthday outfit.
It was a busy weekend for TB too, she began the process of moving horses from their lowland stabled winter accommodation to their summer pasture in Green End.  Three were boxed in two trips but Titian (remember him, of the dodgy feet) and his friend Robbie (the naughty little pony) have to walk because, crackpot that he is, Titian will not get in a box either a static loose box or worse a mobile trailer or even a big HGV type box.  Walkable routes have to cross the river and unfortunately the shortest route has fords to cross, after last weeks rain the river is too high to walk across safely.  The only route without a ford is much longer and on main roads, not especially good for an old boy with bad feet.  For now, he stays at the stables until the water goes down.