Flowers, nests and jobs (and more snow?)

We may have had an extra bout of winter with another possible over the weekend but the natural world is springing along nicely. Our first flush of daffodils have gone over, second and third ones still blooming nicely and the first early tulips are beginning to show colour.  The bluebell woods above Beck Hole are beginning to haze with the first hints of blue heralding the full carpet to come.  The first swallow in the village was reported on 4 April and we've heard a rumour of a cuckoo.  The chiff-chaffs have been chiff-chaffing for a few weeks now.  This morning one of our robin pairs was strengthening the pair bond with some mate feeding and Mrs Blackbird is getting very demanding for breakfast, lunch and dinner too if we'll let her get away with it; she looked rather ruffled this morning.  At lunch time a lovely little jimmy wren (for some reason in this household the females are Jenny - like most people - but the males are known as Jimmy.  Not a clue why) was hoping through the shrubbery and flitting off with a beak full of nest material and a glorious mistle thrush was wandering across the field for food before also flying off with nest material.   I hope they're all making good use of the dog groomings; Senior Office Dog Maia has a problem with her nerves (the physical kind not the mental ones) which means she can only be groomed in small burst with a zoom groom tool resulting in tufts of fur flying across the garden to get lodged in shrubs and stuck to the fence - it doesn't look untidy for long it's all soon removed.

UK job vacancies 'rose in March' reported the BBC on Wednesday.  The article continues: The number of job vacancies in March grew at its fastest rate for eight months, led by the IT and computing sector, a report has said. The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) report also said that permanent staff placements rose for the third month in a row.  
CJS has had its busiest February and March for a few years, more job ads than we can remember for a while producing the largest Weekly editions since about 2008. This week's edition is just about to go to press, it's 15 pages with 57 new paid posts of which 25 came direct to CJS there are also details of 16+ volunteer placements and the first part of the Training Calendar for June.