CJS Monthly - April edition

The latest edition of CJS Monthly is now online, read it in full here: http://www.countryside-jobs.com/cjsmonthly/Monthly.htm   (you may need to refresh your browser)

Jobs advertised in this Month's edition:
Site Manager & Team leader, Essex Wildlife Trust
Farm and Woodland Conservation Manager, the Wyre Community Land Trust
Project Officer, River Nene Regional Park

Other adverts:
Yes, you can get the job! - One week no cost course, Operation New World
Free training for the Level 3 Diploma in Countryside Management, Smart Training
Want to work as ecologist? Identifying Grass indicator Species in Flower run by Ptyxis Ecology

Campaign information, petitions and notices:
NERC Postgraduate Skill Review 2012, survey
Communities celebrating their Diamond Jubilee legacy - Queen Elizabeth II Field Challenge 2012
Greenspace Forum: Letting the Grass Grow survey

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Training Calendar for June is 13 pages Click here to read