Three to go

that's all that's left before Christmas (eek).  The first pre-holiday break notice is in Monday's edition.  And whilst preparing the notices we thought we'd see about this year's Christmas card, looking through the photos we see that it's exactly one year since we were marooned by several feet of snow and a distinct shortage of electricity.  This year we've only lit the woodstove and there are daffodils poking their heads above the soil - most peculiar.
But just to keep us on our toes the website went awol this afternoon - no warning it just disappeared and so did that of our webhosts, so at least it wasn't just us.  nearly an hour later it reappeared causing lots of frantic typing and mouse clicking as the team swung into action to catch up.
This is the last week to take part in our surveys, both close on Thursday.

If you get the blog postings by email (as a reminder to check the online copies) we're sorry but as of January we will stop emailing the postings.  To receive a weekly email please contact the CJS Team and to make sure you're on the email list not the download only.

This week's weekly edition is already online and will be ready for dispatch shortly. It's 15 pages with 39 new paid posts of which 35 came direct to CJS there are also details of 13+ volunteer placements and lots of news from the past week.