Sixty Three

Today is the last binary day of the century.  From now until 2100 all six digit dates will have at least one digit that is not a one or zero.  Another odd one for today is that no matter how you write the date, days then month then year or month then days (like the US) it's the same and it's palindromic to boot.  End of number geekishness now!

The weather is really freaking us out, we still haven't lit the woodstove and have only needed the heating on a couple of days (although AW would have liked some more and much, much warmer, it would seem that she's a real hot house flower).  On Wednesday morning there was a flock of 205-300 redwing, fieldfare and thrushes in the fields stripping the hawthorn berries, they're not saving them this year so who knows, perhaps 'Pig' will get a year off!  The winter jasmine has been flowering since September, the daffodils at its base have shoots above ground level but the Christmas cactus (indoors) is smothered in buds.

All the training on the short courses, long courses and events is now up to date - "thank goodness" says HB, "it's been a bit of a marathon, please give me a few days off before you send the next batch!"  AW is beavering away collating the Focus which will be going to press mid-week which means that next week's weekly edition will be a big one as it will have the Training Diary too.

This week's edition has gone to press, is online and has already been emailed. It's 13 pages this week with 39 new paid posts of which 30 came direct to CJS there are also 4 paid training placements (a bit like apprenticeships) and a contract out to tender plus 10 new adverts for voluntary posts.

So why 63? Well convert it to binary... draw a line under it and as Sussex Wildlife Trust tweeted this morning you've got a dead beetle.