What a week!

AW returned to the CJS office from maternity leave and was greeted with a baptism of fire. KH who was supposed to be overseeing a gentle re-introduction had to abandon ship with a seriously poorly hound (more later). Brief instructions were given and AW was left to 'get on with it' Monday wasn't too bad but a second abandonment on Tuesday was more problematic when the website disappeared.  All was not lost and it soon returned. So AWs first days back were somewhat haphazard but being a true CJS veteran she carried on regardless and I'll bet you lot never noticed!
Also on Monday the fencing contractor arrived to start work on the new garden fence, Monday was a day of destruction as the overhanging vegetation was cut back and the old fence removed, Tuesday the new posts went in and by Thursday evening the job was finished. A bit of tidying up is required and then the Hebester can be let loose on the rabbits - watch out Peter!
Sub-ed HB has had a quiet-ish week because the children went back to school on Monday, for which she is truly grateful - although the children are now counting the weeks to Christmas.

Now for the hound saga, Finnegan has been up and down for weeks, you might have read, on Saturday he started being sick again, more pills required. Not really any better by Monday so a day of investigations with good and bad news followed by a major operation on Tuesday when a large chunk of plastic was discovered in his stomach (stupid hound) which was removed. Eastgate Vets have been wonderful throughout. Now all he has to do is recuperate, eat lots but in small portions and mend. Not quite all fixed yet, a month of not really eating means it's proving a little difficult for him to consume real food again but it's looking up, keep your fingers crossed, 16 stitches out next weekend.  Office dog Hebe is looking forward to having her best play mate back (we'll need to hold down the furniture again).
In the real world the news has been buzzing with the furore around the National Planning Policy Framework, we've tried to keep tabs on it for you and a full round up is in this week's edition of CJS Weekly and also online.

Despite the upheaval in the garden the birds have not been much affected and have been devouring our stocks of sunflower seeds and the fat balls are all gone - more on order. Today there was a young yellowhammer on the field fence and during the week both tawny owls have been on the wires under the eaves.

Despite the oddness of the week the Weekly edition is, as usual, printing and is already online.  This week there are 13 pages with details of 36 new paid posts of which 24 came direct to CJS.

We're all hoping for a quieter week next week.