Indian summer or start of winter

It's any one's guess.  Whilst there are reports of an Indian summer with possible temperatures nearing thirty degrees next week Metcheck give us this snow risk - yes, that's right snow risk for the coming few days.

OK, it's not foregone conclusion but even so, we'd better be stocking up on essentials. We should be able to keep warm, the wood yard had its (hopefully) last delivery of logs and is looking mighty fine, the woodstove is primed and ready but not yet lit.

SubEd has multiple sporting events on the TV to keep her safely indoors whilst I have three rugby matches to watch in one day - that might be a bit much even for me, although....

One weekly edition has gone safely to print and paper editions will be there on Monday. Digital copies have already been sent and are online. This week there are 12 pages with 37 new paid posts of which 26 came direct to CJS. And as it's nearly 5 and our internet keeps breaking, that's your lot for today.