St Swithin

has got his hat on because the sun came out to play today, so if we get the predicted 40 days of sunshine we'd better stock up on sun block too!

Hold that thought - HB's just announced "it looks like a good evening for a barbecue" - the usual precursor to an absolute deluge.

On last evening's walk Hebe and I watched a sparrowhawk being mobbed by a cloud of angry finches, it didn't seem too bothered and lazily flapped it's wings before landing in a big ash tree to deal with whatever it had grabbed before swooping out of sight. From the chatterings in the garden I think there's been one or two flying through over the last few days too, the garden birds seem to have got used to the owl on the wires - he's taken up residence and can be seen there virtually all day, every day. I'm not sure how well we'll get on with the Big Butterfly Count this weekend, the gardens birds do an excellent job (from a gardeners point of view) of removing caterpillars and aphids meaning we don't have many butterflies but St Swithin's sunshine will bring them all out.

The latest weekly is printing and following on from the largest ever Monthly it's the biggest Weekly of this year at eighteen pages! Along with the news, lots of volunteer vacancies, one Conservation Holiday listing you'll find those all important paid post;, 46 new adverts this week, 29 direct to CJS.