A new look

Today saw us putting together the first of a new look Weekly edition, as hinted at last week.

More Content
As the website grows so we feel that more of that information should be made more readily available to the paying subscribers without them having to go seeking it.
Already you see the news headlines and receive the monthly training calendar of short courses.  We're increasing our news coverage to include the 'big stories' such as the forestry sell-off and the proposed badger cull with the original news plus reactions from relevant agencies, affected organisations and concerned groups.  We will also continue to look at the smaller news items which we think will be of interest; such as events at local Wildlife Trusts, reports for groups such as the Grassland Trust or Froglife.  Digital editions will include links to the original stories. Send your news direct to us at newsdesk@countryside-jobs.com
We will also include updates on the latest additions to the online Training Directory, you may have seen one or two of these already.
Should there be anything else?  Do let us know.

Easier to use
Pages are now more streamlined with new headers and footers and the front page has been 'cleaned up'.  You will notice an updated online html/web page with hyperlinks to all web and email addresses.  It's now fixed width to make it easier to view and to print.  All vacancies which are posted online now have a button linking the abbreviated Weekly linage to the full online advert which often has more information.

More ways to receive CJS
With improved technology, bigger mailboxes and smaller file sizes we are once again able to offer email subscriptions allowing you to get CJS Weekly direct to your mailbox – now no need to remember to check it online.
Over the next few weeks we will transfer all online subscriptions to the new emailing list. If you do not want to receive a weekly email please email us, or reply to your first email, with your name and CJS number or website username.
We have two possible transmission methods, one with a link to start a download (no need to sign in) and one with an attachment; both pdf files. Over the new few weeks we will trial both methods to see which produces fewer bounces and problems and most importantly which you prefer so please let us know your preference and also send us your feedback.

Should the email trial be successful, and we have every reason to think it will be, we will look at introducing a new cheaper third tier of subscriptions – so keep watching for announcements.
And most importantly do let us know what you think of the updates by emailing us at ranger@countryside-jobs.com or using our online Contact Us form.

It was a little fraught as everything was checked and doubled checked before moving on to the next stage. Anyway, all done we think. printers rolling and online copies already available. Sub Ed will be relieved when it's home time, although there are four pints of custard waiting to be made (don't ask - it involves a hog roast in a field).

Light relief was provided by Bat Conservation Trust who tweeted: What does a bat sing when it rains? Raindrops are falling on my feet!