We declare it summer!

windows are open, the birds are singing, we've just had strawberry ice cream for "three o'clocks", there are regular cricket score updates issuing from one corner and tennis from another and there are barbecues planned for the weekend.  Of course this probably means it will rain ...  But until then we're enjoying it.
Actually there is quite bit of work going in (despite appearances) with next week's Monthly in the preparation phase, the Focus (due in a couple of weeks) being collated and layouts in the early planning stage and Monday's weekly is now at the printers a little later than usual due to a late surge in job adverts.  This week's edition is 10 pages long with 41 new paid posts of which 26 came direct.  There is also the usual round up the week's news which this week features the defra publication of the National Ecosystem Assessment report plus responses from a range of interested organisations.
This week we have also redesigned the long courses section of the Training Directory, splitting the courses according to content.  We hope it makes it easier to find the course you need, have a browse here. Please let us know whether you like it  - or not, either way feedback is always useful and welcomed.