Oh *~@&*# !

Were the words that issued from the sub-editors desk as it was realised that print had been pressed and the job adverts hadn't been given a reference.....  OOPS, big style!
Stop buttons were thumped and online files deleted. One master copy recalled and reset, triple checked and, hesitantly, print was pressed again. First copy grabbed and inspected. OK carry on was the edict.
So when things should be slowing down it's still in full swing, it's going to be a long day, but then we knew that earlier today when the phone kept ringing (which isn't always bad news except when the desks have overflowed onto the floor), the door bell kept ringing, people kept appearing and asking awkward questions. But, several kettlesful of tea and coffee later it's almost all done and at least it's Friday, we get the weekend to recover. The online copies are live and the paper ones almost all printed ready to be dispatched. This week there are 12 pages with lots of news about the Government's white paper on the Natural Environment and a round up of responses from many organisations.  There are the usual jobs too, 45 of them this week of which 37 came direct and a couple of pages of volunteer posts as well.

PS if you're reading on a 'mobile device' (that's a posh, un-biased what of saying an i-thingy or small humanoid robot) we hope you like the new streamlined template.