Ok, who's bright idea was that then?

To send an email reminding advertisers they can place volunteer adverts free of charge - it was rather popular! 24 new volunteer adverts this week and still more to come....
If you'd like to read our heap of volunteer adverts click here.
Or if you'd like to advertise a voluntary vacancy in CJS Weekly and online free of charge then click here (there' always room for more!).

So much for the so called drought, it has rained for what feels like non-stop all week, well it is Wimbledon fortnight so it's only to be expected I suppose.  However, the garden is looking lush and lovely and the weeds are romping away but in the soft soil are easy to pull.   We have a couple of new residents, two rabbits have turned up this week, so far they're sticking to the grass which is fine but they had better not stray much further - or get too settled.  Once the broken fence has been replaced it will be harder for them to get in and the dogs will ensure they're not happy if they do gain access so they won't stay long.  The squirrel is proving more elusive and plan D is being formulated.

One weekly is now printing and will be with you on Monday or digital readers can access their copies right now.  This week there are 10 pages with 28 new paid posts of which 20 came direct to CJS.

Blogger-in-chief is off on holiday to Wimbledon (only on TV this year) next week, so be kind to the Team in my absence.