Musical chairs.

This has been the first week of AW's maternity leave and the team have been reorganising work loads and sorting out new hours resulting in several changes of workstations. However, this led to a round of musical chairs. AW has an osteopath endorsed memory foam operators chair (see this blog post for more) sounds wonderful, the problem is every one else hates it. This week it's been at virtually every work station and finally we gave up. It's now consigned to the sidelines waiting to go into storage, we've dug out an older, not quite so padded but much more comfortable seat and everyone is happy.
Except the computers, which are still not talking to each other and even sometimes putting themselves into solitary with no notice; very annoying when you're in the middle of a long report saved on the server (note to all staff - remember to save every 30seconds!). Emails are proving most problematic, one side of the office can receive and send but not print messages, the other side can print but not send, so if we're not quite our usual efficient selves please bear with us.

Never a dull moment here at CJS...

Which leads me to the usual information, this week's edition is now printing, superfast on the lovely new printer. it's already online. There are 14 sides including the April training calendar and the 500th new paid post this year, total jobs this week 49 of which 42 came direct to CJS.