Somewhat blowy!

Is a little bit of an understatement.
It's been gusty since Wednesday but last night it really set in with a will and today there has been no let up, bins and buckets have been retrieved from various bits of undergrowth. The young hound is rather worried by it all and refuses to go out unaccompanied - 10stone of wusshound! It's rather nice to be tucked up in our warm office so this week's edition of CJS weekly was ready to roll bang on the deadline and consequently is printed and ready to be put in envelopes for the post collection tomorrow. The online edition is already available. There are twelve pages this week with 56 new paid posts of which 45 came direct to CJS.
It's been a little busy on the news front again this week as the continued fall out from the proposed sale of England's forests continues to hog the headlines, this week there have been reactions from many of the major conservation bodies and Wales and Scottish devolved governments have both made statements saying their forest holdings will not be sold.