Weekly update

Beautiful all week if a little cold (down to -6 over night on Monday!), this morning we heard the first curlew so it's official - spring is here.
We've been working one computer down all week, yesterday the machine was returned for us to test and we promptly crashed it, time after time. Finally it was agreed that a new machine would be built to replace the malfunctioning one. This turned up this morning and was installed, a few gremlins were worked out and now we're gradually adding all the personal settings. So fingers crosssed that it for now - although we are changing the server later this month and then upgrading the operating systems early next month prior to a complete software overhaul later in the year - what could possibly go wrong.... Please stick with us if it all goes pineapple shaped.
In the midst of it all the Weekly edition has been edited and gone to press this afternoon, it's been quiet (thank goodness) and it's nine pages containing 45 new paid posts of which 29 came direct to CJS. This week you're receiving the Training Calendar for April and also the second advance warning of subscription rate change for postal subs, digital ones remain unchanged.