The end of the week arrives, it's been a busy week. Our misbehaving computer is getting worse and is causing all sorts of problems, it's created a rather frantic form of CJS musical chairs, or maybe that should be musical computers! TB's on holiday this week in sunny(?) spain hiking through various mountains and her editing role has been shared out across the Team, so sorry for any typo's we're not quite as proficient. Regardless, the Weekly edition is now printing and as usual the digital version is already online for digital subscribers. Multi-user subscribers should have received new access details this week, the old details will be valid for another week or two but if you've not received yours please check with your CJS co-ordinator and then they can contact us.
This week it's 8 sides, 56 new paid posts of which 48 came direct to CJS.

We have a small job available for someone who lives in Northern Ireland. Not too onerous, but not highly paid either! If you're curious please contact