Pending changes and a regular weekly.

First the boring bits, CJS Weekly has now gone to press, it's 10 pages this week containing 66 new paid posts of which 42 came direct to CJS. As usual the digital version is already online and available to view.
Now the new stuff - next week subs rates will change for postal subscribers, as of 3pm on Thursday 1 April the new rates will be £2.00 per week for eleven or more copies and £2.20 if you purchase less than ten. If you receive the digital copy then nothing changes.

You might have noticed that next weekend is Easter which for most people involves a four day holiday weekend, this usually means the CJS office is very quiet. So we're taking this opportunity to upgrade all the software, yes all of it, new operating system, new server and also moving onto MS Office 2010 - well, we might as well have one big crash rather than lots of little ones! As ever multiple back ups are being made and contingency plans are being put in place. We hope it will all go smoothly but have laid in lots of chocolate biscuits just in case it doesn't...
So whilst you're enjoying the Easter sunshine (well, fingers crossed) think of us working away, and polishing off the Easter eggs.