Dog news

Well Hebe's put her mark on the office – or rather her tooth prints in one of the invoice folders! Ah, the joys of Labrador puppies!! Bill (AN's collie pup) is now nine months old and as his sore shoulder didn't get any better he went under the knife yesterday. The surgeon says it all went well and after surgery like this an improvement can usually be seen in a week to ten days, so fingers crossed; he comes home this afternoon.

Proper CJS information now! CJS Weekly went according to plan and is now dropping off the printers, this week it's 10 sides with 65 new paid UK jobs of which 27 were sent direct to CJS. There's a new page on the website too, it tells you all about the types of jobs you can expect to find within the pages of CJS and the employers who advertise, read it here: