CJS Monthly and news about the post.

After a bit of panic (one piece of artwork was taking the scenic cyber route via Pluto!) CJS Monthly is now printing. This month it's seven sides again with an additional four pages of events. And it contains an ad for CJS, yes, we're recruiting again. This time we need a part-time admin assistant – think you fit the bill? Then log on and read more.

In other news, we've had two communications about the post. First we heard from our local Royal mail sorting office that they're ceasing Sunday collections (nationwide not just in our little corner), we're looking at how this will affect CJS Weekly deliveries. And the other postage news comes from CWU (the posties union) the long running talks between the union and RM have broken down without any resolution so there are more strikes heading our way. Remember to log onto to the Royal Mail page of the website to find out what's happening and how it's affecting CJS.