Bill, stones and jobs...

Lucky old Bill – he's got a get well card from his cousin in New Zealand, now not every collie can say that!!

There have been strange goings on in the district – last week a series of mysterious stone heads appeared in the village and now they've been sighted elsewhere too, read all about it in the Whitby Gazette – click here.

In the midst of the spookiness the equinox storms have been raging (well, grumbling a bit) but the newly repaired roof is holding up well and once it stops raining the last bits of painting and tidying up will be finished too. This week we've seen the first flock of long-tailed tits flying through so we must clean the big feeders and get them out so the birds can get used to them again before they really need them. And through it all CJS keeps rumbling on, CJS Weekly is now printing, this week it's 15 sides containing details of 124 vacancies, 43 of which were sent direct to CJS.