Representing and supporting rural England

As a large proportion of CJS readers work and live rurally we thought it would be a good idea to garner support from an organisation that knows all there is to know about rural living and working.

The Rural Services Partnership (RSP) is a long-standing not-for-profit membership company Limited by Guarantee. The RSP is a component of the Rural Services Network (RSN).  The RSP works predominately with both the private and third sector service providers in rural England.

Working closely with the RSN’s local authority members, the RSP is the only national champion for rural services in England.  The RSP works for the benefit of all rural sectors through a membership organisation which lobbies and advocates on behalf of rural service providers. 

So, we’ve now taken out membership for 2023/24 and hope the year will bring rural regeneration leading to rural jobs – and those jobs we’ll be sure to share with you. 

Find out more about the organisation at and see all our Endorsements here.