Some CJS housekeeping.

With cyber attacks and data usage being much in the news in recent weeks as a result of what's happening in Ukraine and Russia's actions we thought we'd remind you that CJS holds your data as safely as we can.

  • Registered with the Information Commissioners Office, that's to ensure we only hold the details absolutely necessary, keep them safe and don't misuse the information you entrust to us. This covers both CJS and our CV listing site C3
  • Hold an up to date PCI DSS Certificate, that's specifically relating to credit card processing
  • Have a cookies policy - that's so you know what we have access to when you use the website and why we need anything at all
  • Are registered with the National Cyber Security Centre's Early Warning system, this covers any attempted breaches on the office network, the website and email server domains, we will receive alerts should anything associated with malware communications, vulnerabilities or network abuse be detected.
  • Have a specific IT and cyber coverage insurance policy
  • And finally we have an in house data protection policy including air-gaped data backup protocol.
Alright - boring announcement over! Here have a sunny bunch of daffodils to brighten your day.
A clump of bright yellow daffodils in the sunshine