A momentous day.

 After 1400 editions today's edition is the very last print edition of CJS Weekly.

We have been producing a print edition of CJS Weekly every Friday since July 1994 but we have taken the difficult decision to stop publishing the weekly edition in paper form.  As the number of postal subscribers has now fallen into single figures it is not sensible to continue with the work involved in setting and printing a paper copy for so few readers.  Don't worry though CJS Weekly continues to go from strength to strength just in a digital format instead of in print.  This year we have published nearly 2500 job adverts, that's more than in the whole of 2020, 2019 or 2018! In addition we've published over seventy feature articles and nearly a thousand news items not to mention all the voluntary opportunities and training information.  Which would have been a huge stack of paper to print and post to you all.  

Niall dug in the archives and found this photo from 2002 of Office Dog Juno sitting at the table at Groves Bank (the first CJS Office) beside a heap of address pages from. Every single one of those sheets is an address page waiting for a print copy, if you look carefully you can see some pink pages towards the bottom of the heap, those are renewal reminders.  Back in those days I ran the database of subscribers and I think we had close to two thousand subscribers and nearly all of them wanted a paper copy - which I can well believe looking at that heap of paper.

In the recent reader survey we asked readers how important having  a PDF version was and the answer came back not very; additionally reasons for not subscribing or not renewing frequently stated that the format was not exactly screen friendly. So as we're not setting a copy to send to print requiring a specific page size as of next week CJS Weekly will be wholly digital online, there will still be a PDF version for anyone who wants one but it will look slightly different from the masthead you've been used to over the years.  

More on the new style digital CJS Weekly next week.